LX Flight Simulator App Reviews

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LX Flight Simulators.

I love the game and app. But a suggestion, please add night time landings and takeoff and have running lights on the planes lit up just like the real airplane have. Makes the game a lot more realistic in terms of game play. Make it more enjoyable to the player. Add weather too!! Maybe a day or night time landing or takeoff in a storm. Make the airport more realistic too. Also, keep everything free!! That is a big plus for gamers like myself. I give this game four stars.

One of the best airplane simulators but,

This game is awesome but it only does landing tutorials. Game is still good but there should be more activities like takeoff and full flights.

The best app ever

I wish I could give you 20 stars but I can’t :( But this is the best landing simulator I have seen all year good job Swiss

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